During winter, your grass certainly does not get as much attention and care. You might not give attention to it in the fall, summer, or spring. Of course, there is a reason for that, right? Almost every homeowner thinks that grass does not require as much attention. However, that does not mean that you can completely simply let it go.  

This winter, there are particular things that you should do to take care of your lawn. Here are some of them: 

Fertilize and Aerate 

According to a professional landscaper Birmingham, you have to fertilize and aerate your lawn in the very early winter. It is even better if you do this before the first anticipated frost. You can open up the soil if you aerate the lawn. This will enable grass to breathe since it will be sleeping during the winter season. In addition to that, if you aerate your lawn, you are also easing the compaction that has established during the entire year. Whenever you aerate, it is also ideal that you fertilize. With this, you will know that your lawn has all the required nutrients for it to thrive during the winter season. For those who don’t know, the roots of the grass absorb the nutrients since they are getting ready for dormancy. These stored nutrients will offer your landscape an excellent reserve which the grass will utilize after the winter season. In addition to all of that, you can easily control the growth of weed in the spring if you give your grass a head start.  

Carefully Salt 

Since they help with ice and snow removal and enable people to keep the pathways safe, rock salt and other deicing materials are a crucial component of winter. You must have a safe walkway since you should not be walking on the sleeping grass more than needed. But, you have to keep in mind that these deicing materials can be extremely dangerous to hardscaping, plants, and grass. For safely clearing your path, you should not utilize more than required. Also, you should not sweep or spray the ice melting agents onto the grass or the plants.  

Clean It Up 

During the fall, a lot of various debris can pile up on your lawn. However, leaves are by far the worst one. There are a lot of reasons why you should get rid of the leaves from the grass. Your lawn could actually suffocate if there are a lot of leaves on it. These leaves can also breed illnesses that can hurt your yard if they stay wet. Instead of racking up the leaves, you can mulch them using your lawnmower if the leaves are not too thick or wet. This will enable them to break down and provide nutrients back into the grass. Also, you should get rid of any toys and furniture once you get rid of the leaves.  

Lastly, since it can cause damage to your grass over time, you should not walk on the sleeping grass more than needed.